LazyGuysBundle – The New Website

Welcome to our brand new Bundle Website. Let us introduce it to you with a few words we have for you.

Everything what you're looking at right now is the result of hours of work. Every point of the website was carefully considered and stands for something we truly are proud of. We didn't want to distant our fresh new look from the routes we had established from the very beginning.

We always try to look at things from a different point of view. Each and every of our bundles breathes with an unique personality which makes it the one and only.

When designing a bundle showcase page, we love to make it a beautiful story. Showing you small covers of games, price and buy button doesn't feel right to us. We like to show you a beautiful cover of the game that is big enough to enrich your imagination, show you at what gaming platforms a key you get can be used and on what operating system you can play.

To make the story rich, we provide you with a great game profile that contains wide range of information and screenshots and promo video of the game too. Games are here to be played and tell the story, this is why we do it this way, this is why we care about this that much. The bundle page is just a beginning of this story and we want to make this experience the best possible.

Taking a look at someone's work as it evolved is something what is very empowering to see. You can take a look at our previous bundles at a glance, or you can even open them and see what personality the chosen bundle had and enjoy it at its fullest.

Giveaways are one of the very exciting ways we love to interact with our fans and the community. We do plan to open as many giveaway as possible in upcoming time.

There’s also a special section dedicated to developers. If you, as developer, are wondering what other developers who already were in our bundle told about us, you can read that from now.

Blog is a space where all interesting and important talks happen. We’re planning to regularly post something worth reading to encourage you to come back to the Blog and find something new to read every time you come.

Enjoy the new website and have a wonderful day everyone!

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