Starting 2015 Like a Boss Bundle

It's a New Year and it's the right time to start with a brand new fresh bundle. 'Starting 2015 Like a Boss' Bundle is everything you need to look for. Enjoy the huge number of titles giving you hours of real fun.

You get 15 keys for 12 games for only $2.99, that's a sin! Plus 2 Steam keys very soon (for already Greenlit games) and 7 Steam keys for the games that will be Greenlit very soon as well. That equals 24 keys. It's a no-brainer.

Almost every single Greenlight game from our bundles got Greenlit. Take a look at Recently Added Keys. This is what we call a great deal! Keys are always beautifully delivered to your inbox so there's no need to worry about anything.

Take a look at the ‘Starting 2015 Like a Boss’ Bundle promo video below.

The list of the games goes:

  • Biglands: A Game Made By Kids (Desura & Steam)
  • The Ingenious Machine: New and Improved Edition (Desura & Steam)
  • Dreaming Sarah – Early Access (Desura & Steam)
  • Yelaxot (Desura & Greenlit)
  • Cubot (Desura & Greenlit)
  • The Interview (Desura & Almost Greenlit)
  • GunWorld (Desura & Almost Greenlit)
  • David (Desura & Halfway to Greenlit)
  • Rotieer (Desura & Halfway to Greenlit)
  • One Snack Please (Desura & Halfway to Greenlit)
  • Bernie Needs Love (Desura & Steam Greenlight)
  • Spellbind (Desura & Steam Greenlight)
  • * Almost Greenlit = 90%+ of the way to get Greenlit passed (very close!)
    ** Halfway to Greenlit = 50% – 65% of the way to get Greenlit passed (not far away from getting Greenlit!)

    Have a great time guys and a great start to the New Year :)

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