Late February Bundle

It's very hard to believe it's our 10th Bundle already. With our latest Bundle, the 'Late February' Bundle, we're once again bringing you awesome set of games for a laughably low price as always. Support the developers and have fun.

We're happy to be back with another from our line of Bundles. We hope you will enjoy these games as much as we do. We're very thankful for your support, we do it for the community and we do love you all.

We think it's very important to focus and not try to run as fast as possible. Flooding our website with many Bundles per week/month isn't healthy for anyone. It hurts the whole gaming industry and the community and we do it for you at the first place. We think it's very important to think this way however it's just our opinion and there's as many opinions as many people.

Take a look at the ‘Late February’ Bundle promo video below.

List of the games goes:

  • SheHe (Desura & Greenlit)
  • HassleHeart (Desura & Greenlit)
  • Barter Empire (Desura & Greenlit)
  • Koala Kids (Desura & Greenlit)
  • STARTAG (Desura & Greenlit)
  • STOORM (Desura & Almost Greenlit)
  • An Imp? A Fiend! (Desura & Almost Greenlit)
  • Shin Samurai Jazz (Desura & Almost Greenlit)
  • Atonement: Scourge of Time (Desura & Halfway to Greenlit)
  • Polyology (Desura & Steam Greenlight)
  • Global Conflicts: World Collection (Desura & Steam Greenlight)
  • * Almost Greenlit = 90%+ of the way to get Greenlit passed (very close)
    ** Halfway to Greenlit = 50% – 65% of the way to get Greenlit passed (not far away from getting Greenlit)

    Have a great time guys and enjoy :)

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