It's Christmas Time – LazyGuysStudio

It's that time of a year here again. Yes, it's Christmas time!

It's very hard to believe in a few days (on January 10, 2015) it will be one year our Bundle project known as LazyGuysBundle is with you all. Our initial aim was to get in touch with fellow developers at the beginning of every year and create a bundle of games for our fans as some kind of a developers connection gesture. After it got spread very fast we have decided we will not let you down and create another bundle that was followed by another one and so on.

We listen to our fans, we improve, we learn in the process and try to walk our own way. There's still space for improvements and we love a great challenge.

Christmas is a time we think should be spend with the ones you love, with the ones you enjoy being with and you care about. It's the time of a year people should be close to each other and seize the power of this moment. Believe it or not, presence of people you truly love is the best Christmas gift you can get. Other than that, remember, when getting or giving a tangible gift it's not about size, it's not about price, it's about how much it means to you (when you get) or the other person (when you give). Many times the easiest and smallest gifts bring a tears of joy to your eyes.

Whole LazyGuysStudio team wants to wish you all very merry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts.

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