Bundle 15: Imagination

New Year, new Bundle. Right? We always try to kick off New Year with the best Bundle possible and we think this is one of the best Bundles we have ever put together for you.

As you may know, our very first Bundle in 2014 was named 'Starting 2014 Like a Boss' Bundle and then in 2015 we continuted with this tradition and named our New Year's Bundle as 'Starting 2015 Like a Boss' Bundle. It is only logical that given the new naming scheme, this Bundle should be named 'Bundle 16: Starting 2016 Like a Boss'. However we put extra portion of work into this Bundle which caused us to miss the starting point of the year 2016 in which the Bundle should start.

In this case we have decided to name our current Bundle as 'Bundle 16: Think Forward'. You may ask, why 'Think Forward'? As you can see there are four Steam Greenlight games which of three will be finished in Q1 2016. We have chosen these games very carefully because we do not Bundle everything that comes around. That said, we 'Think Forward' and find the games that will bring a lot of fun once released.

Previously we wrote – ''Where are those times when we were excited for a new Bundle coming every two weeks or once per month? These days we’re lost in a storm of Bundles instead. The proper enjoyment got lost, not making it for people but for creators themselves not caring about the impact on the gaming industry.''

Then we added – ''We ask them – ‘What is it good for?’ We are LazyGuys from LazyGuysBundle and we’re proud to have the best fans around us who understand the real value and the true meaning. We love you to bits and we feel committed to keep you excited about what we all love – games.''

What do we add today? When we take a look at our very first Bundle, it outlined the key points of who we are. The Bundle had its own personality which we then transformed with every new Bundle. When our new Bundle website became available, this personality was transformed in much louder way. Back then we said – ''We always try to look at things from a different point of view. Each and every of our bundles breathes with an unique personality which makes it the one and only. When designing a bundle showcase page, we love to make it a beautiful story. Showing you small covers of games, price and buy button doesn't feel right to us. We like to show you a beautiful cover of the game that is big enough to enrich your imagination, show you at what gaming platforms a key you get can be used and on what operating system you can play.'' You can read more about this in our Blog post we wrote once the new Bundle website was live.

When we take a look some different directions, we can't see this. We don't see personality, we don't even see a thoughtful name, just another number in a line. It speaks a lot. This makes us very sad. Even us who always say – keep smile.

When we dig a little deeper into the situation we can sometimes see prices like $0.99, $1.99 or even buy one (for the two mentioned prices) and get one free. Not for 3 - 4 games, but for 6 - 10 games. This makes the gaming industry suffer even more. Developers are not machines! Developers need to eat, sleep... LIVE. They put a lot of their valuable time into developing something they believe in. Games they create instantly become part of their lives. Treat them with respect! We do not lower the price as much as possible, we do not add as many free copies with a purchase as needed in order to get higher profit because this profit would only benefit us. What we always say to developers is – We're here to help you and value your hard work.

Deadlines. We don't have them. We believe deadlines decrease the overall quality. Low quality is not something we like and our fans and developers don't deserve low quality.

The last thing we wanted to speak up about for now is an issue many developers face. We've heard for too many times that developers usually have exclusive Bundle Agreement signed for months and they are not even told when their game will be showcased in a Bundle. Again. Treat them with respect! We don't use this kind of shady tactics to hold the competition back. When developer signs an Agreement with us, they're in a Bundle wihtin a month.

Thank you for reading. We value your opinion therefore we'll be happy to hear from you below in the comments. Once again, thank you for your time, this means a lot to us.

Take a look at the ‘Bundle 16: Think Forward’ promo video below.

List of the games goes:

  • Draw a Sticman: EPIC 2 (Steam with Trading Cards)
  • Parasite (Steam & itch.io)
  • Cubicity (Steam with Trading Cards)
  • SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance (Steam with Trading Cards)
  • Plazma Being (Steam with Trading Cards)
  • Cube Destroyer (Steam Greenlight & itch.io)
  • Rogue's Federation (Steam Greenlight & itch.io – only demo yet*)
  • One Step (Steam Greenlight & itch.io – only demo yet*)
  • Sophie's Curse (Steam Greenlight)

  • * If any out of three not yet finished games gets done earlier than getting Greenlit (all will be finished in Q1 2016), you'll receive an itch.io key as well.

    Enjoy the Bundle guys, keep being the best and keep smile :)

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