Bundle 15: Imagination

Where are those times when we were excited for a new Bundle coming every two weeks or once per month? These days we’re lost in a storm of Bundles instead. The proper enjoyment got lost, not making it for people but for creators themselves not caring about the impact on the gaming industry.

We ask them – ‘What is it good for?’ We are LazyGuys from LazyGuysBundle and we’re proud to have the best fans around us who understand the real value and the true meaning. We love you to bits and we feel committed to keep you excited about what we all love – games.

Today we are introducing the ‘Bundle 15: Imagination’ which is full of games we can only describe with one word – breathtaking. The Bundle ends before the main Christmas time starts because each year we make sure you enjoy the Christmas time (among other festive times like Halloween, New Year Day, etc.) with your beloved ones and not with searching the web for new deals. Well, at least we do.

We love you all equally. All of you is unique in your own way and have your own story. We value you for being you and want to enrich your life as good as we can, this is why we do all of this. Enjoy :)

Take a look at the ‘Bundle 15: Imagination’ promo video below.

List of the games goes:

  • Demented (Steam)
  • The Glow (Steam Greenlight – GREENLIT)
  • Cosmic Leap (itch.io & Steam Greenlight – GREENLIT)
  • Adam and Eve: The Game – Chapter 1 (itch.io & Steam Greenlight – GREENLIT)
  • Contasion 2 (serial key & Steam Greenlight)
  • Exoplanets (itch.io & Steam Greenlight)
  • Operation KREEP (itch.io & Steam Greenlight)
  • Death Injection (itch.io & Steam Greenlight)
  • reflex (itch.io & Steam Greenlight)
  • Ragwall (Steam Geenlight)
  • Enjoy the Bundle guys, keep being the best and keep smile :)

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