Bundle 14: Another Galaxy

It's Late September and school or work are both back in a full spin again. We're back to make your days better with a huge deal you can not find anywhere else, the 'Bundle 14: Another Galaxy'.

Support the great developers and if you fancy their game, help them by voting on Steam Greenlight. 96,6% of Greenlight games from our previous Bundles got Greenlit. That number speaks for itself. Once a Greenlight game is on Steam, you get a Steam key without need to ask for it. Simple. With us there are no worries, with us you forget the hassle you may know from somewhere else. Enjoy the great Bundle!

Take a look at the ‘Bundle 14: Another Galaxy’ promo video below.

List of the games goes:

  • Cargo 3 (Steam)
  • TRIP:Steam Edition (Steam)
  • Advent (Steam)
  • System Recovery (itch.io & Greenlit on Steam Greenlight)
  • Rumble (Steam Greenlight)
  • Swiftly (Steam Greenlight)
  • The Haunting of Billy (Steam Greenlight)
  • Cyber Team Manager (Steam Greenlight)
  • One Final Chaos (Steam Greenlight)
  • Your Quest (itch.io & Steam Greenlight)
  • Worlds of Chaos: Corruption (itch.io & Steam Greenlight)
  • Once Upon a Platfrom (itch.io & Steam Greenlight)
  • Reckpunk (itch.io & Steam Greenlight)
  • Indie Game Battle (Steam Greenlight)
  • Voidspire Tactics (Steam Greenlight)
  • Enjoy the Bundle guys, keep being the best and keep smile :)

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