Bundle 13 Cool for the Summer

Summer is passing by in a pretty quick pace however it's still present and we want you to live it. We have a new Bundle for you that will make you cool for this Summer, the 'Bundle 13: Cool for the Summer'.

This Bundle puts together 9 stunning games. Five of them have Steam Trading Cards as well. When you drop them and then sell on the Steam Market, you may get about $1.50 back. It's this great? Low price got even lower.

Take a look at the ‘Bundle 13: Cool for the Summer’ promo video below.

List of the games goes:

  • Battlepillars (Steam + Trading Cards)
  • Crash Drive 2 (Steam + Trading Cards + FREE Gift Copy)
  • Mighty Dungeons (Steam + Trading Cards)
  • Royal Defense (Steam + Trading Cards)
  • Volt (Steam + Trading Cards)
  • Hypt (Steam)
  • Cruel Arena (Steam)
  • Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Collector's Edition (Steam)
  • Fort Defense (Steam)
  • Enjoy the Bundle guys and keep being the best :)

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