Bundle 12 Lazy Days

Summer is at its best out there and after some fun in the sun it's time to cool down in a cool, dark room. We have a new Bundle for you that you simply can not miss in the lazy Summer days, the 'Bundle 12: Lazy Days'.

We're glad we're finally back with another great Bundle for you guys. Past months were a mess. Our key team member was hospitalised and it shaked our focus for some time but we're working hard and we'll keep it that way.

Take a look at the ‘Bundle 12: Lazy Days’ promo video below.

List of the games goes:

  • Samudai (Steam)
  • Crayon Chronicles (Steam)
  • Castle (Steam)
  • Mr. Bree+ (Steam)
  • Thief Town (Steam)
  • Sometimes: Success Requires Sacrifice (Steam)
  • Catmouth Island (Steam)
  • Ground Breakers (Desura and GREENLIT)
  • Garden Rescue (Steam)
  • Odysseus: Long Way Home (Steam)
  • Have a great time guys and enjoy :)

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