Bundle 11 to the Highs

We are back guys! You can not imagine how much we were looking forward to this moment. It's a new great Bundle that you definitely can not miss.

It's true it took us double the time it should but we're very proud of what we were able to put together for you. It's one of the best Bundle we ever had. We see flood of Bundles weekly and it's insane. It's that insane that we want to raise awareness about this issue in a Blog post we'll put together soon.

In the mean time, it's time to enjoy our 'Bundle 11: to the Highs'. As you can see, there was a slight change in naming our Bundles and we took quite an amount of time to think this through. This was what we came up with. From now on, Bundle's name will also contain a number of the Bundle, which will make it easier to refer to what Bundle you bought.

Take a look at the ‘Bundle 11: to the Highs’ promo video below.

List of the games goes:

  • Velocibox (Steam)
  • BoxesWithGuns (Desura & Steam)
  • The Defenders: The Second Wave (Steam)
  • Loot Hero (Desura & Greenlit)
  • Luminoso (Desura & Greenlit)
  • Treeker: The Lost Glasses (Desura & Greenlit)
  • Pavel Quest (Desura & Greenlit)
  • The Dreamlord (Desura & Greenlit)
  • CortexGear:AngryDroids (Desura & Greenlit)
  • Pimander (Desura & Greenlit)
  • Protect Thy Sphere thingy (Desura & Steam Greenlight)
  • Fantasy Mall (Desura)
  • Have a great time guys and enjoy :)

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